How To Design A Good Website

November 13th, 2010 News

When it comes to designing a good web site, we first need to work on what makes a good website. One element of this may be a matter of different opinions but most follow the basic design guidelines. These guidelines should be followed strictly in my opinion are simply the way it should be designed. The design must be natural, an organic process that ultimately produces something beautiful. Color – The color can convey emotion to the moment and that is very important. The color combinations are also very important. Having the right combination of colors requires skill, practice and good resources.

A great tool to use would be Adobe Kuler, which provides color swatches that look good together. Template – When I'm designing a website, always work in a system of grids, ensuring that all elements of the website to scale, proportion and properly aligned. In the fixed sites of companies tend to work at a resolution of 920 pixels wide to see well in all sizes of most browsers. You can see the statistics of the resolutions of the visitors using Google Analytics. Code – When coding your Web site, you only need to follow a rule, comply with W3C standards. The W3C provides a tool to validate the CSS and HTML is correct, you should use this great resource. In summary Web design is very subjective and sometimes misunderstood, tries to understand your audience and design for them. It also seeks inspiration from other works, copy, just inspiration.

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