How To Lay Hardwood Flooring

Parquet Flooring – nastilanie floor made of natural wood, which appeared recently, taking the form of an exceptional alternative to parquet. Parquet board glued together from 3 different layers. Fibers adjacent fibers were placed perpendicular to each other, creating the impression of the overall balance of force stress of wood. Distinctive features of the floorboard are – smart pricing technology and the lowering of rate of coverage. Now parquet board is used as a floor covering in more than half of residential apartments in Europe.

Wood block flooring is gaining Acknowledge prevalent usability in Ukraine, therefore, believe it is necessary look at this cover with properly. The main advantage of the floorboard professionals to consider elementary stacking. Boards generally fit together, their length to fit the size of the room, shortening a special saw. On the side and end edges have spines and grooves to set them among themselves, with due precision production acquired a dense combination of materials laying. When laying flooring used extremely professional Parquet Chemistry and equipping of popular international manufacturers. Technology of parquet shaped piece, appropriately technical characteristics of the room.