Human Rights

I am, now, making these consideraes because I perceived echo to my words in a text that circulates for the Internet. It says the following one: ' ' Arrest is for punishment and to give example. To think about recovery is romantismo and utopia' '. the text continues, simulating a letter: ' ' letter of a mother for another mother in SP, after reporter in the TV' ' the mother of the letter says: ' ' Vi its energetic protest ahead of the cameras of television, against the transference of its son, minor infractor, of the dependences of the FEBEM in So Paulo for another dependence of the FEBEM in the interior of the State. Vi you if complaining of in the distance that it separates now it of its son, the difficulties and the expenditures that started to have to visit it, as well as of other decurrent inconveniences of that transference.

Vi also all the covering that the media gave for the fact, as well as vi that not only you, but equally other mothers in the same situation that you, count on the support of Pastorais Commissions, Agencies and Entities of Defense of Human Rights, ONGs, etc I also am mother and can understand its protest. I want with it to make choir. Also for me, enormous it is in the distance that it separates to me of my son. Working and earning little, identical they are the difficulties and the expenditures that I have to visit it. With much sacrifice, I only can also make it the sundays because I work hard, to Saturdays, to assist in the sustenance and education of the remaining portion of family Happily story with my non-separable friend who plays for me important role of friend and council member spiritual. If you not yet know, you are the mother of that young that its son killed dully in an assault to a video rental, where my son, you worked during the day to pay the studies at night.