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Employees also feel great in their instruments, was a period of adaptation and everything is ticking like a clock. Where is the bottleneck? Of course, as always the most insecure in our consumer. Often, seeing the mistake at his monitor, the user is not able to determine what is actually happening. The program can not connect? Probably need to contact the service service because the network is down, but it is possible that this is a bug in some module, and hence need to call the programmer. 3. How to get out of …

The most logical way – it is certainly a common dispatch service organization receiving requests from consumers. With a questionnaire instructions, the controller may receive applications at an early stage to identify which service is a request or already "in place" to solve the problem. By freeing users from having to choice, where we turn, we moved the problem to the dispatcher receiving applications, to be exact, where the same request to register? After all, the programmers work for us in ClearQuest, and customer service Service desk. In this case, the surface is based on three possible to solve the problem: To initiate the adaptation process of development in the HP Service desk, and organize the transition from developer IBM Rational ClearQuest; And of course, possible to organize a reverse process, ie adapt processes service centers in the IBM Rational ClearQuest and organize customer-service move with HP Service desk; Arrange for receipt of applications manager and access to the system of HP Service desk, and the system of IBM Rational ClearQuest; first two points – it certainly is for the most daring and ambitious companies, as spent a lot of money and human resources for the organization of both processes.

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