Can you imagine what would happen to a hospital that had no opportunity to attend emergencies that occur between patients? That’s the approach that we mean: offer to solve the needs of clients with opportunity.The convenience-giving all kinds of facilities and comfort clients to address their needs, such as accessible locations, extended hours, simplification of life, facilitate purchase and consumption, etc. The key here is knowing adapt to new needs in the changes of habits in the lives of consumers.Quality-from the success of Japanese companies in the 1980s markets have become increasingly demanding in terms of quality, which has allowed that some companies based their success on providing quality and standardization to customers, surpassing what its competitors are able and conquering the loyalty of consumers. With the advent of the ‘ISO 9000, virtually any company can achieve standardize their processes to ensure its quality. And this is an indispensable condition for thinking about success.Design and fashion-this is another important factor that has brought success to important companies, because people appreciate and value the design in its entirety, as well as the trends that we know as fashion, that they have great influence on people’s behavior. There are businesses that keep abreast of the trends of fashion and design is the difference between winning or losing and there are businesses (especially those who compete with Chinese products), in which fashion can be your salvation tablita.Technology-no doubt in this 21st century, called the era of knowledge, the development of technology has been the key so that some companies have become tremendous hits. In computing and Informatics, internet, genetic, robotic, agribusiness, pharmaceutical, communications, energy, nanotechnology, new materials, etc., every day there are new advances that have helped build many successful businesses and this will surely be a source of new successes in the future. Security- and if the technology is to set the pace in many businesses, security has also become an increasingly important success factor.