Installation Of Drywall With His Own Hands

Installation of drywall, plaster to create designs, has strict rules which derogate from, it is impossible. Incorrect installation of the drywall sheets can lead not only to defects in the finished design, but also the complete destruction of gypsum sheathing. There are two basic methods sheetrock installation, each of them applies only in this particular case: – frameless mounting method – frame method of installation; frameless mounting method does not provide for the establishment of a frame and drywall, in this case is mounted directly on the basis of plaster with adhesive solutions for mounting drywall. This method is widely used for the lining neshtukaturenyh internal walls and partitions, in other words used for "drywall." When installing the drywall with adhesive to to follow these basic rules: – The number and nature of the overlay adhesive must conform to the instructions on the use of concrete mix taken – height cladding should not exceed 3 meters, possibly at height of a standard sheet of plasterboard, which is equal to 2.5 meters. – When installing drywall in place of mount, it is necessary to provide clearance between floor and ceiling, and a sheet of 5 mm, internal ventilation space between the foundation and drywall to dry adhesive – each sheet drywall must align in a vertical position on the plumb line with a soft mallet. Installation of drywall to the frame used to create suspended ceilings, interior partitions, wall and decorative designs. The main rules sheetrock installation on the frame: – the framework must form an ideal plane for mounting some form of gypsum, both flat and three-dimensional, so that when installing drywall to the frame on the sheet not cause excessive stress – plasterboard on the ceiling should not be placed in a row, they must quincunx to avoid long, connecting from leaf to leaf, straight seams, it protects finished seams from cracking when the temperature of multiple strains – when attaching drywall sheets with screws, you need to keep clear of the cut head of the screw relative to the outer plane of the plasterboard, the head should be drowned in a sheet of 1-2 mm – the distance between the screws for fixing Drywall sheets must be within 25 cm for the ceiling and 40 cm for vertical structures. Just following the rules and just selecting the correct method of installation – your drywall construction, created with his own hands, will not be give the reliability of designs created by professionals.