Installing Plugins

installation downloadable archives with amxx plugins you differentiate amongst the files with the extension *. amxx 1. Copy these files to a folder / cstrike / addons / amxmodx / plugins / 2. Open the file addons / amxmodx / configs / plugins.ini and at the end appends the name of the plugin that you copied. 3.If the archive there are still files with the extension *. sma, they are copied to the / cstrike / addons / amxmod / scripting. Files sma – a source fayloy *.

amxx, ie opening their notebook, you can change the source code of the plugin, and Pat perekompelirovat it. For example: Install the plugin Admin_slash.amxx Throws it in the folder plugins Admin_slash.amxx Append at end of file plugins.ini plugin installed! More information about the commands of the plugin, refer to his own description. that would Plgani worked, need counter strike 1.6 server and amxmodx Customize amxmodx: First of all, make sure that Iron your server meets the minimum requirements of the most Half-life. Only then can try to set up your own Counter-Strike server. Do not forget that there are many ways to customize your game servers and advice below – only a description of how it was done by the author.