Integrated Testing

A new paradigm in web programming, dubbed Web 2.0, is sweeping the Net "by leaps and bounds." Indeed, the creation of a site today, suggests a qualitatively new approaches in web design, particularly in matters associated with the development tools, user interaction with the application, which from the standpoint of functionality and ease of use are closer to the "desktop" software. Not surprisingly, in current conditions interest in JavScript programming language is growing rapidly. In developing this code of professional level on any programming language, one of the most important tasks is to obtain the output fully-functioning and contains no error code. In this regard, JavScript has a very unpleasant feature, namely, none of the currently existing companies are not accompanied by the language programming (as opposed to say from PHP, Perl, Java, etc.) This situation is extremely bad affects the end-user language – the developers because it greatly complicates the formation of a secure base for Testing and debugging scripts. The most accessible tool for testing JavScript code is the error console, as is some form of such a tool is present in any modern browser, however, quality consoles different browsers differently. Console Internet Explorer To date, Internet Explorer (hereinafter IE), one of the browsers most widespread, in spite of this, the popularity of the browser means that there is no well-implemented set of tools for debugging scripts JavScript (at least until the eighth version of the browser). Error Console IE5 – IE7, leaves much to be desired. The most significant shortcomings of the console IE5 – IE7 should include: message output of only one error; messages contain little information, the exact description of the errors appear in the descriptions are extremely rare, with the error line number listed is not accurate, then a string containing the error is always room for one less than in the console.