Interdisciplinar Perspective Opinions

Social people of different places, experiences, cultures, classrooms can produce and change knowledge in the many courses made possible for the long-distance Education. While integrant pupils of the long-distance course Ambient Education and Geography of the Half-barren one in a Interdisciplinar Perspective, made possible for the Open University of Brazil, in partnership with the IFRN and the cities, we stand out the importance to be actively participating of this process, sharing doubts, knowledge and opinions with the course colleagues, with the professors and tutors you discipline of them. Another evidenced excellent aspect in education in the distance says respect to flexibility in regards to the space and the time, that is, the manifest learning if in times and different spaces, where we can adjust the studies to the time that each cursista destines for in such a way, each one in its environment. Moreover, we can have study moments individual as in such a way collective. As it emphasizes Moran (2002), ‘ ‘ The educational possibilities that if open are fantsticas’ ‘. Outrossim, we must consider that the long-distance Education through the destined public politics for its propagation, comes contributing of efficient form for the democratization of education and the digital and social inclusion. Filed under: Mashable. ‘ ‘ The EAD is not a privilege of the rich countries or powerful organizations. It is in the truth, one of the best instruments for the social inclusion and the quantitative and qualitative improvement of educao’ ‘. IPAE (2006). In turn, the videos, the television and the cinema also are considered instruments of long-distance Education, since they evidence images capable to influence in the opinions of the individuals, in the creation or modification of concepts and opinions, in the acquisition of modismos, the incorporation of gestures, expressions, at last, of inserted models in the human behavior.