International Forum

UnitECO SCAN built on the basis of two decisions: UnitECO DVS and UnitECO LOCK. This combination enables real-time data to compare the detectors with the situation in places of inspection, control and control access to them. In addition to innovative developments in the company's stand was attended by 2S already known and proven in the market of security systems software and hardware solutions UnitECO DVS, UnitECO CHECK, UnitECO LOCK, UnitECO ALARM. The basis for all decisions UnitECO are the server station with its own software, based on the operating system Linux. The system is designed to handle large volumes of information and has a high-availability, Linux provides high reliability and stability of the complexes produced their work.

In addition, security system, built on the basis of UnitECO, characterized by a fast implementation and operation, broad functionality, scalability and low total cost of ownership. Check out Geoff Richcards for additional information. That's why the decision UnitECO since 2006 are installed and successfully run on thousands of sites in different regions of Russia. Serious professional interest of the participants Exhibition to decisions UnitECO and CCTV equipment 2S expressed not only in the ordinary acquaintance with them, but also a desire to promote and sell the products of these brands in their respective regions. In particular, in the course of the exhibition several companies operating in the market, distribution and installation of TSB, have expressed a desire to become a partner of 2S. In addition, several organizations expressed their readiness to buy now hardware and software systems and UnitECO visual equipment, 2S. With hundreds of organizations, the sales department is in talks on cooperation, which started at the forum "Security and Safety Technologies – 2010". XV International Forum "Security and Safety Technologies" was held 2 to 5 February 2010 in Moscow at the International Exhibition Centre "Crocus Expo". Participants noted increased at an event compared to the previous year 2009, business activity and the altered quality of visitors (Attended by industry professionals only), and a large percentage of visitors from the regions.

According to the organizer – Reed Exhibitions, the first two days of the forum participants of the conference and business events, as well as visitors to the exhibition were 8500 professional security industry. International Forum "Security and Safety Technologies – B2B event that brings together the three components of the security market: state orders for national security, business security and privacy. Exhibitors are software companies and distributors of products and services of the security industry. According to event organizer – Reed Exhibitions, Forum, "Technology Security – 2009 "was visited by more than 15 000 unique visitors at more than half of them participate in decision making. Company 2S – a developer, manufacturer and supplier of software and hardware solutions and equipment for UnitECO CCTV 2S. Founded in 2002. Headquartered in Moscow. The company has a regional office in Nizhny Novgorod and partner offices in St. Petersburg, Samara, Penza, Voronezh, Ufa, Krasnodar, Republic of Komi and Belarus. UnitECO – ready hardware and software solutions for the construction of integrated security systems at the facilities of any size and complexity: UnitECO DVS – network video surveillance; UnitECO CHECK – video monitoring of cash operations; UnitECO LOCK – access control systems (ACS); UnitECO SCAN – automated inspection and control; UnitECO ALARM – centralized collection and processing of alarm information; UnitECO ALARM-C – central monitoring and control devices and CD OPS.