The important thing always be attentive to opportunities and know them leverage. Delving into the emergence of entrepreneurs is very broad, because each era gives way to his appearance, however this time we go into that there are three different periods that mark the evolution of the criterion of competitiveness: the mass production era, the era of quality and time of virtual consumer, each clearly marked by different factors of demand. The current scenario are increasingly more dynamic, changing and lead to the emergence of entrepreneurs capable of knowing the opportunities that they provide you the entrepeneuring entrepreneur of the 21st century, that is capable of detecting the business of fine tuning that emerge in the knowledge society in which we live. This new philosophy of business, known as entrepeneuring, is already taught in universities Latino and constitutes a new paradigm in business. It is based on variables such as risk, errors, failures and the passion for an idea. In this sense, consider the hits developed in recent years in the areas of biomedicine, services, telecommunications, computing, Internet and others.

Entrepeneuring: meaning phenomenon of entrepreneurship or process of entrepreneurship. Entrepeneur (entrepreneur): is the person who initiates or organizes technology based businesses that involve financial risk. The entrepreneur transforms ideas into production. He is an artist, a creator, that the idea of new products and new jobs. The entrepreneur created because it has great need of realization. The entrepreneur implies an identification with the relevance of the identified with innovation and optimism, considered that individuals with vision, willing to risk their own money and the other investors in new products, constitute the engine that combines human and physical capital by stimulating economic growth and progress. The entrepeneuring covers areas such as:-biomedicine, which is currently studying the genome human, this can cause positive and negative consequences. Among the positive side, serves to combat diseases; as negative depending on impact of those who exercise it can play with human life.