Internet Krieger

Marcus Krieger, nationwide since 2011 as Project Manager Germany for Polish JBG-2 cooling systems specialist goes parallel with its own Internet presence at the start. Food. Cooling systems. Since anyone expected a particularly frosty greeting? If so, he will be pleasantly disappointed: Marcus Krieger your partner for food retail, catering and hotel industry. This warm welcome awaits anyone who on Google after a profound consulting in the field of refrigeration systems has inquires and followed the link. Honest, dedicated and expert advice from person to person: exactly this range of services I offer my customers,”explains Marcus Krieger, whose consulting company for cooling systems presents itself with a professional Web presence.

“And my clients rightfully expect exactly. I have great experience that I already through my simultaneous work as Project Manager Germany for JBG-2 cooling systems To help prospective customers an optimum solution in this area. Stressing that Marcus Krieger, his clientele come from the various company sizes. The small traditional butcher’s turn out of full conviction on him as the head of a large supermarket. Keyword cooling systems: the internationally renowned expert gives a result anyone who entrusted Marcus Krieger with a competent consulting, to measure.

And in a manageable time frame. Unless a new energy-efficient acquisition, a modernisation measure or a maintenance now. The help him his decades of experience and the extensive, cross-sector network, that he can at any time access back. Just in cooling systems the need for high-quality consulting is big, Marcus Krieger explains: the individual customer wishes are our advice the measure of all things. The customers wish is our command so to speak. We put a special focus on systems, their primary tasks excellent meet, are perfectly adapted to the climate and organizational conditions of our customers and at the same time highly energy saving. For example by trendsetting heat pump and solar technology.