InterRed Supports Adobe Digital Publishing

InterRed will support the new publishing technology from Adobe. Adobe recently announced its new digital Viewer technology with the publishers to easily can iPad represent multimedia and interactive magazines, for example, on Apple’s. Frequently Mashable has said that publicly. Practically in the use of the technique is currently still in the beta phase, already in the American Technology magazine wired,”. The advantage lies in the simple creation of this magazine for InDesign experts: users who already work with InDesign CS5, digital versions of their publications are can produce in a simple way. The editorial system InterRed will support the new publishing technology.

Long-standing partnership: InterRed and Adobe the long-term technological partnership between the InterRed GmbH and the Adobe Systems GmbH guaranteed early support for Adobe InDesign on the basis of the InDesign Server through the content management system InterRed. With the bi-directional and native interface, the DTP software is seamlessly integrated with the powerful content management system. Users can either work with their familiar DTP program, directly into the content management system with integrated planning of sheet or in combination of both systems. Currently InterRed as Adobe is represented for the new publishing technology by Adobe solution partner in the beta program. Both companies again closely cooperate to combine new technology with the advantages of the editorial and content management system InterRed rights management, workflow, Central media-neutral Searchmachine. In addition to already existing ways to expose content for example, based on predefined templates for the iPad, InterRed is can now offer a solution with open layout. The more advantage will be to be able to vote multimedia content and text individually to the resolution of the iPad or other Tablet and the format (portrait and landscape). Contact for inquiries and interviews: InterRed GmbH Klaus Schuster sales ice fields road 316 57080 Siegen FON: + 49 (0) 271 / 303 77 – 0 fax: + 49 (0) 271 / 303 77 – 77 E-Mail: