ISP Internet

Sometimes two types of connections via satellite: one-and two-sided. Two-way is only suitable for large companies, as well as basic equipment will cost about ten thousand dollars for connection and subscription fees will be about 2-3 hundred dollars. Two-way satellite Internet access over one radio transmission. At that moment, when you make any request to the Internet, your transmitting station sends it to satellite channel for requests from the satellite further request to the server provider and forwarded to the Internet. The answer comes to your computer in reverse order. Through the use of IP Accelerator incoming data rate is 10 Mbit / sec. In practice, the use of Internet resources, can not see the difference between “ground” and “two-way satellite” providers. Connecting the two-way satellite Internet, you will be able to fully utilize all the services and resources online at any point in the satellite coverage area.

The simplest and most economical is – a one-way satellite Internet. The whole set consists of only two subjects: satellite dish and receiver. Setting up satellite Internet It will cost you to it, only about 2-hundred have. E., and monthly maintenance is not more than thirty-three have. E. Unilateral Satellite Internet access is carried out simultaneously on two channels of data transmission.

The first channel is called channel requests or ground, the second – the channel response, or satellite. When you make any request to the network Internet, it first sent to the server via satellite provider channel requests, then forwards the request to the ISP server to the Internet and receiving a response, passes it on to your computer through the channel response. In practice seen little difference between terrestrial and satellite providers and is it in the opening speed of WEB-sites. As a rule, WEB-page begins to appear with a delay of 1-2 seconds – this is typical for terrestrial provider, and opening a satellite provider will have to wait 5-6 seconds before it is fully available. When downloading a large amount of information the difference is not noticeable. Problems can arise when sending large amounts of information, because it uses terrestrial channel, and therefore should assess in advance the amount of outgoing traffic and to choose the right channel requests. Setting up the equipment for two-way satellite Internet, a one-sided, sale of satellite Internet and much more, only in our company and only certified workers.