Italian Doors

Dream or reality? So the question will be asked your guests to see the interior, complete with elite Italian doors Bellissimo. Together with you we are ready to create the interior of the Italian style, as well as any other, which tell your imagination or intuition of our designers. Let your guests wonder old design, fine carved decoration, you know something that today the exclusive door to order and sold in St. To know more about this subject visit Steve Wozniak. Petersburg. Newest technologies that designers use in production, allow to combine modernity and tradition in the objects made of wood. Be sure that the purchase of doors to order in our company – it is always a unique design and quality materials.

We shall implement the doors of valuable types of wood: teak, beech, oak, maple and ebony. Before you will be the door, the tree is carefully selected, so the excluded the possibility of any defects. And this exclusiveness of furniture from our company, makes handmade, original work. Upon request, the Italian master complement wood furniture, elite doors and staircases with exquisite