Its Name In Chinese

In 2007 I started to write one blog as an experiment of familiarization with the Internet and after 4 years me it called the attention that about 25% of the responsible searches of Google for the visits they were related with writing the name in Chinese. Therefore, to help to all the interested parties, in this article I would like me to extender a little regarding the idea that I launched in this post: when in doubt, and a Biblical name will be had, to use the corresponding translation will have a series of advantages. It is important to relembrar that, as in Chinese it does not have an alphabet, it does not exist an accurate science to choose a name. The best tip is always to ask for to a Chinese friend to create a name. As nor all we have Chinese friends, the best alternative is to choose a translation already established for its name, despite the pronunciation does not sound so similar as in Portuguese, but thus preventing to risk that its name has meanings inapropriado or offensive.

For example, we can compare the Biblical translations with one s+). Lucas: the Biblical version is (Lji ). A common version is ba (Lks+). Joo: one of my favourites person or thing, therefore the Chinese name not sounds similar nor in Portuguese nor in English, although that it has ‘ ‘ one ar’ ‘ of Joo. Called actors John typically use the Biblical version in Chinese. The Biblical version is (Yu hn). A common one that it sounds similar in Portuguese is $ (Yu n). Pablo: W (Bolu) is a Biblical name that was consolidated with this> version in such a way in the Bible as in general, as soon as normally does not have many options to translate the Paulo.Espero name that this article is useful to that they desire to create a Chinese name to establish professional relations with China, or simply wants to tatuar it without more pretensions. They see in my site links that they allow to consult Biblical and not Biblical names in Chinese. A great one I hug to all, Fernando