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So is you read it you can view videos from YouTube,, Metacafe, MSN video. Yahoo video, etc on your TV without the need for a PC. For even more details, read what Peter Asaro says on the issue. What because with the help of this device is called ToToTv As you can see from the photo the ToToTv requires broadband connection and no matter if you have TV or LCD or PLASMA screen standard, you can also watch videos in HD that are available (for now only have seen on you tube) ToToTv is that the output A / V and HDMI. But there’s not all, also has two USB ports and this lets you watch your own videos, photos or listening to music.You can watch television channels throughout America, Europe and Asia the ToToTv FREE mesualidades or annuities not only the shopping and ready, ie a single payment. And if you have your modem or router connected to your computer with ethernet cable and is removed from the tv no problem that you can connect a wireless USB receiver.Another thing I like is that when you purchase this player does not need to buy extra accessories, check out what’s in the box If you do not know queregalar at Christmas or the Epiphany think this player would be a good option if you want to know more visit