Liquid Crystal Display

Since recovery of the network is more advantageous in terms of energy savings, drive using the brake resistance – the cheaper technical solution, engine braking does not require any additional cost, but in turn is only possible at low power. Ways to manage mechanisms must be driven from the driving signal under a smooth variation of engine speed, and in some cases a job at a fixed speed. And, in this and other If you can control, like a remote control transmitter, and using terminal control circuit transformer, buttons, switches and potentiometers. The latter option must be ensure sufficient quantities of required inputs. In the case of an external control device (controller logic relays, etc.), be sure to agree on technical parameters. Usually this current or volt signals from the range 0 20mA, 4 20mA and 0 10 V, respectively. If you control the drive going over the network, you must have an appropriate interface and support for the protocol data. Engine management can take place automatically, it requires the presence of pid and the opportunity to provide feedback from a sensor controlled parameter indication parametrovKak Typically, each inverter has a display panel and the necessary controls for the commissioning and management of a frequency converter.

The same display during operation converter can be used to display any parameters. Displays can vary the number of lines, and so informative, the type of the display (seven-segment indicator or Liquid Crystal Display). In case of failure during the operation to observe the parameters of the display of the converter, using analog and discrete (relay, transistor) outputs, we can derive the necessary information on the remote control. .