Lisa Neumann University

Surgeries are reliant on private patients the federal budget is porous and demographic change is progressing relentlessly. This impacted the insurance system. Higher expenses for an aging society facing low revenue. The private insurance Portal explains what contribution does the private health insurance to the backup of the system. Right to legally insured patients get angry, if they need to wait long time for an appointment with a specialist. Finally the medical consultation as well as the rapid treatment of their suffering are available to them. On the other hand, many physicians are in a dilemma: to ensure their economic survival, many need the money, which they can settle for the privately insured.

They use this, for example, for the purchase of new equipment, which eventually also legally insured patients benefit. In addition, the private health insurance companies do not burden the State budget. Through higher contributions and retirement provisions work break even and cause no debt. Certainly is not the State. So every insured with his monthly premium saves on a cushion for old age. Unlike in the statutory health insurance, which now spend contributions for all insured persons, everyone is a piece for the private in this way responsible. Experts urge now to reduce services as well as the contributions of the statutory health insurance to a minimum.

With the saved money each could then decide which services appear important to him and insure themselves according to private. That this would mean rethinking the entry hurdles into the private health insurance, is another story. More information: news.