Lumber Industry

Entrepreneurs of the lumber branch, since manufacturers of maisprimitivos materials until products made with high technology, are each time maisinvestindo in products that take care of to the necessity of the customers. Comoclientes conscientious is searching to be pleased with products that noagridam to the environment, the propaganda of the support is in the augedo marketing. An alternative for companies whom they search to conquer essesclientes is the use of the bamboo. This material can be used comlargas advantages in the most varied segments of the lumber sector, sendoprincipalmente manufacturers of artesanatos, energy, paper, panels, PMVA, nourishing or any gotten product of ouplantadas native forests. Silviculturalmente, the properties of the bamboo are good, therefore beyond the fast growth, the dimensions of the poles facilitate its harvest. Adjusted silviculturais plans can provide excellent sustainable exploitations.

Obviously problems exist that compromise the growth and the use of the majority of the implanted bamboos autctones or of others regions. As for example the attacks for insects, due to high amount of sugars. This attack can compromise up to 70% of the production. Studies exist that they aim at to diminish this incidence, however the best form to face the problem is the use of these damaged bamboos as power plant, as much in the direct combustion as in the manufacture of coal or alcohol. Another option is the manufacture of panels (accumulations, mdf, osb) or paper. In laboratory, assays had also shown that the thermal properties of the bamboo in form of vegetal coal are superior to the ones of normally used wood for such end, beyond to be used as activated coal. This coal has low density, what it can be decided with the briquetagem.

Another power plant from bamboo is the alcohol manufacture. This possibility comes being studied for its production in industrial scale. The staple fibres of some species of bamboo have characteristics that they provide a bonanza quality of paper. For its low text of lignina, its process of facilitated manufacture and. The plated bamboo allows to carry through constructive and structural elements with different aesthetic properties of that they can be obtained with traditional systems wooden sawed. Such material can have the same characteristics of the plated wood, being able to also get forms curves. These properties, added to the aesthetic originals, that are kept exactly after its improvement, are sufficiently attractive options for the manufacture of products of bigger aggregate value. As for example, structural, pisos, mobile elements, tilted, frames, panels, among others; that with the appreciation of we make with that this material is only more attractive than the common wood. Studies with a species of massive bamboo in Chile had proved its capacity as structural element for construction. The high resistance mechanics joined to low the density more than allows the construction of beams plated with vain of 50 meters. Quality of high growth and exploitation in practically all the branches of the lumber industry, stimulated for the propaganda of the support and its aesthetic innovator, make of bamboo one of the best options for future investments, being able this considered being the wood of the third millenium.