Mendoza Tourism Tour

Mendoza is the province that enjoys the biggest wine producer Centre in South America. More than 1,200 wineries in the highest level there produced nearly 10 million hectolitres per year of the wine that has led the province to be famous in the world. There are in this province tourism, accommodation, gastronomy, souvenirs, entertainment and everything you can imagine about this fascinating drink, adored by the most diverse cultures since time immemorial. Since 2005, Mendoza Province contained in the Global network of labour capital of wine. Distinguished by the same entity as one of the capital world of the wine, it shares the honour with cities of renowned wine, Bordeaux (France), Melbourne, (Australia), Porto (Portugal), Florence (Italy), Bilbao and Rioja (Spain), Mainz Rheinhenssen (Germany), San Francisco-Valle de Napa, California (USA) and Cape Town (South Africa).

Mendoza wine production is divided among four major valleys: the so-called valleys South, Central and West, and the Uco Valley. All of them adds to the chance to taste wines of the highest level the constant surprise of its very beautiful landscapes. The valleys vineyards are open in Mendoza to tourism year-round, with itineraries designed especially to enjoy the experience. The main wineries in the area receive the tourists with an attractive offer that combines tastings, tasting of grapes, refined cuisine, rides, excursions to producing plants and some of the most attractive accommodations of Mendoza, which are located in the heart of the vineyards, in the mountain area. And for those looking for something different, in contrast with the large wineries, small producers of wine and olive oil open the doors of their workshops to delight tourists with handcrafted charm of ancient and traditional production methods. In Mendoza, the offer of hosting identifies for their quality and comfort, and the wine tourist areas are no exception: within the framework plantations of vines at the foot of the mountain, wineries, farms, hotels, cabins, rooms and old mansions invite you to enjoy at a time of nature in its purest state and the refined pleasures of one of the most celebrated products created by man. Wine lives and beats in the valleys from Mendoza in a few places on the planet.