Mini Game Magic Farm

Site of action mini-games Magic Farm is a magical country. Iris girl is educated in the magic of flowers. One day, Iris receives a message stating that the parents of Iris disappeared. Upset our heroine arrives home, where an acquaintance told Iris that the parents went into the jungle to find the flower of youth. Our heroine wants to escape this second look her mother and father. But the same neighbor advises her to call for help, the detective who helps Iris in this case. But we need money to pay with a police detective. Further details can be found at Mashable, an internet resource.

Our heroine decides to grow on his farm, magic flowers. These lovely flowers bloom for one day and repeatedly paying off. Right now we proceed to the cultivation of beautiful flowers on our farm, which in just one day can flourish and bear fruit for several raz.Snachala need to buy and plant a variety of colors in the prepared hole. When Flowers bloom to this second picking them up. But we must not forget about watering these plants. Everything would be fine if it were not for pests that are trying to destroy the beautiful plants. Dangerous wasps, horrible mutants, snails and even the ghosts are trying to discourage us.

Rake or other means, we will destroy them. Then sell the plant to the store, earning the first funds. Matter gradually grows and we have a possibility to call the detective to search for the missing mother and father. But money is still small, so you need to enlarge the business. To aid in this difficult business neighbor, leaving, leaves us with a funny dragon, whose name is Robin. For improving the work necessary to get fresh space for plant breeding, various tanks under water, and baskets and even build a well. A girl learns to deal with enemies, pests, and reaching a certain level mini-games can increase one or another capacity, both girls and dragon. Developing the game, we go to another city, where we continue our search. There acquire a new farm and will grow even more original plants. Slowly we are meeting all required actions and find the father and mother Iris. Mini Game Magic Farm will be a success among fans of arcade games with elements of logic.