Minimote Z-Wave

Home energy meters, remote control and USB Z-Wave based Copenhagen, August 30, 2010 Z-Wave Alliance member Aeon Labs paves homeowners with a new series of wireless products pioneered an environmentally friendly smart home of the future. The devices have been designed for the use of energy-saving in the home and, significantly to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants. The home energy meters, the Minimote remote control and the Z-stick are among the innovations based on the Z-Wave technology ( These can users easily incorporate into his home-control system and interoperable with other compatible products via radio link. Power consumption end devices can thus be used as energy-efficient as possible.

Consumers are with Z-Wave products able to make your home more comfortable and drastically to reduce the energy consumption. Because the Z-Wave standard international has established itself in the smart-metering sector in particular. For homeowners, this technology is the basis for an eco-friendly At home. “Home energy meter measures exact consumption with the home energy meters (HEM) has Aeon Labs factor of cost savings in the home” at a glance. When the HEM is an efficient instrument for the domestic energy consumption.

Here, the system can be installed quickly and easily without requiring technical skills. Wirelessly, it transmits values like Watts and kilowatt hours consumption at a central control station (gateway) that the user can clearly see. It required an electrician install the HEM. The unit can be installed by the user himself intuitively and safely. The housing is certified according to the international standard of protection IP43 also for outdoor use. He HEM can be powered via USB without the use of batteries. The intuitive update function ensures that all equipment is always up to date and the current Z-Wave protocols and commands are available. Z-wave devices via Minimote interoperable programming in the development of the Z-Wave Minimote stood for Aeon Labs in particular the high usability for the end-user in focus.