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I propose to begin to look like today, you can automate mobile commerce and how companies operate, who missed time in the development of new technologies. And then look at how effective was the use time and resources to employees and to say how well that today, modern technologies and management systems of mobile commerce, simplifying the whole business process. Mobile commerce today. On services market, many firms and companies offering mobile commerce management system or systems management sales representatives for managing different types of trading activity and Automation: Merchandising, collection orders (PreSelling) and (Van Selling) trade with wheels. ” And believe me, every organization or organization that appeals to your company and offers to tell about the benefits of such a system, or to show presentation, speak not just empty words.

Technology no longer stand on the spot and it’s time to step to the next level and beat your competitors. It makes no sense to talk about all the benefits of mobile systems, but affect some particularly important points, I simply must, in order not to be unsubstantiated. System for mobile commerce can. Reduce the time for training new sales representatives Significantly reduce support costs, trade Representatives Strengthen control over the activities of your staff Improve accuracy and speed of execution of orders System mobile commerce can significantly improve sales effectiveness Mobile trade yesterday. Yesterday, the business process took, and in some firms still take three days more. And I tell you exactly when this development is a company loses about 50% of precious resources, including clients that you have not enough time or money to hire some more sales reps. I propose to stay and will not give such a great handicap to its competitors? Although you can work with them to share, but I am deeply I doubt it. To date, all employees of the companies complain about a fatal lack of working time and effort they spend. Of course, you can infinitely increase the duration of the work day or work at night and pay extra money for additional processing, and can slightly change the business process, but more on that later in the second part of this article. You will begin to protest and say that it is much less! I’ll prove it all on the simple and available examples. What tools do enjoy your sales force? This list is so big, how rich imagination of each of us, but most of these tools are: a notepad, e-book written, laptop, your salesman and one day can not do without the appearance of the office? I think with today’s advanced technologies, this process (binding to the workplace) can be excluded. Effective to spend time shopping Representative? If you think about how much time is spent efficiently and most importantly what you can simply left speechless and did not come to work. At some ridiculous return of the office for transfer information, write to notebook or laptop, to find in his records the required information and has different things that can be avoided. And it’s not all the benefits of mobile commerce.