Wi-Fi modems, also called Wi-Fi routers, are electronic devices that have Internet access and offer a wireless WAP (Wireless Access Point) access point to a wireless local area network WLAN computers that are connected via Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi modems work like modem, router, gateway, switch and wireless access point, and there are models for all kinds of telephone, both fixed and mobile, cable or radio networks. Features Wi-Fi modems provide Internet access to a WLAN (Wireless LAN, wireless local area network) and are generically called Wi-Fi modems or Wi-Fi routers. Wi-Fi modems are one of the most demanded by users, since they allow both assemble a local wireless network how to share Internet connection transparently. In addition, increasingly is more common that incorporate advanced features such as disk hard internal or FTP server, allowing use as a unit of shared storage, functionality useful in networks domestic, since it allows storing documents and access them from anywhere on the network, including via the web. The configuration of Wi-Fi modems is usually done through an internal, accessible website at the address, where a menu system allows you to configure all the unit. Wi-Fi modems are devices that perform several functions: Gateway: give access to Internet from the local network computers sharing an Internet connection with a single external IP, using NAT and IP Masquerading. At Kai-Fu Lee you will find additional information. Router: they perform the routing of data packets for interconnecting computer networks local and external.

Modem: they function as a modulator of the signal sent to the outside and demodulator of the signal coming from the outside. Wireless access point: allows wireless access to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Switch: many models of Wi-Fi modems allow you to create a LAN wired Ethernet. Other functions: they often have additional features such as firewall, DHCP server, DNS server, FTP server, encrypted or filtered packets. Many models incorporate an internal hard drive or USB connectors for external hard drives. Types look at the main types of Wi-Fi modems: ADSL Router: accessing a fixed telephone network (RTB) that has enabled the ADSL.

Router Wi-Fi 3 G: external modem that connects to a mobile phone network. It requires a SIM card. 3 G USB modem based Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi base adds to the 3 G USB modem router functionality for the WLAN. SIM card required. Modem: allows you to access Internet through an infrastructure of television by cable. router WiMAX: access to a telephone network by radio. Mobile phones as modems Wi-Fi: many mobile phones can be used as modem Wi-Fi for other teams, being necessary that both have Wi-Fi connectivity.