Network Marketing

22. Services: hairdressers, manicures, the pedicures, the beautician, the postman, the Shoemaker, the masseuse, electrician, cleaners, sellers in houses of clothes, the technician computer (refrigerator, TV, washing machine, microwave), cleaners people, employees of the Bank, ATMs of supermarket, lawyer, babysitter, employees Delivery which you sold something, etc. 23. Father, mother, brother/s, sister/s, aunt, uncle, godparents, friends 24. Relatives of a spouse. 25 Ex husband, relatives and friends 26. Medical head, gynecologist, cardiologist, maternity, pediatrician 27 Ward staff. Parents of children in kindergarten and school garden list can be created as it is better you, either by place of residence, by proximity, etc.

I suggest you make a table in excel with 5 columns in the following order: the person’s name, phone number, where you know the person, E-mail and a last column, so if you don’t have the data, includes people who can help you locate it / o. knows some of the doubts or excuses that prevent us from bringing us closer to the known:-I don’t want to push my friends (don’t do it) – they have No money or too much money – is too young or too old – I don’t know to say – do not see it for 10 years – laugh at me – not I believe – etc. Some arguments of the why if you should contact them:-your products or services could solve a problem or make you life easier. -Have a business to provide them an income extra (would who like not to?) and they can work together. -Someone could contact them and advise them the same products, services or business. Why not be you? -It is easier to start a conversation with them.

-They know others who need our products, services, or business opportunity. -To get out you the fears. -Etc. simply do it! Remember: Most of the people with whom we have shared moments of our lives, seems not to remember it But if we try to do so, they will easily their names to our memory. To remind them you will have to get all the old agendas, see old photo albums, or when you juntes with friends, try to remind other friends. I hope I helped to build a long list of well known and you can start as soon as possible to contact them! Experienced professional Network Marketing, Director and Editor of TriunfarEnMultinivel. com, one of the few electronic publications dedicated exclusively to Hispanic entrepreneurs that develop business through this marketing system. Visit his site at:. triunfarenmultinivel. com / Blogs related download books from the University of Cambridge 385 ebooks Watch Chacarita Juniors vs. Gimnasia La Plata live stream online Watch Chacarita Juniors v Gimnasia La Plata Online Free Live Chacarita Juniors Gimnasia La silver Live Stream Live Football Common Sense Solutions From States’ Education Reform Agendas Does The ESCOLA JOAN SALVAT PAPASSEIT what is an AMPA? I NEED SOMEONE THAT I TRRADUSCA THIS ENGLISH -ENGLISH?