New ColorStriker

Objective determination of color with the new colorStriker easy and quick setting succeeds. The time of lavish color determining is finally using color over. Mobile colorimeters have proved themselves in practice, are easy to use and provide accurate measurement results. Everyone who works with colors, knows how important it is to determine the right color or to judge. Color measurement devices are important, small devices that can be of great help in choosing the right color for painters, architects or paint manufacturer. The new colorStriker of the PCE Germany GmbH is a precision color measuring instrument, which could be confused with a PC mouse at first glance.

The new colorStriker is small, compact and weighing only 120 g, one of the lightest color measurement devices on the market. He is a practical color meter, electro-almost all colours of materials and surfaces such as textiles and leather; Wall paints and varnishes; Wood, veneers and panels; Tiles, tiles, and plastics detects and determines. The Color is measured via a simple keystroke. The colorStriker picks up the color, the color measurement of two true color sensors. The sensors are outfitted with their longevity and can measure precisely exactly, without deviations, measurements up to 1 million. High repeat accuracy and measurements, completely non-expiring, characterized as the new colorStriker, as the maximum mobility by wireless data transmission to the computer or a Smartphone with Android operating system via Bluetooth wireless technology.

The color measurements are evaluated by the supplied software. The software allows the user of the new colorStriker, with previous measurements to compare the current color sample and analyze. Uncertainties in the color picker should be consigned to the past. Objective determination of color with the new colorStriker easy and quick setting succeeds. More information under: technical data/color knife colorstriker.htm