Nimbuzz is blocked by Skype, so Skype more voice calls over IP Server locks once more, before he had done the same with the Fring software creating a revolution in the Internet communication network.Both, both Nimbuzz and Fring are two famous applications by which makes use of messaging services such as Skype, something that is in vogue by economically is the service, but this will unfortunately no longer be such which it was known until now. We will have to take advantage of the service until 31 October, date in which has planned blocking of Skype to Nimbuzz. But this date may be ahead as the voice has raced.This blockage is because depending on what argues Skype because Nimbuzz was not adjusted to the terms and conditions of the contract, obviously accusations denied by Nimbuzz in the same way that you did previously Fring.This dispute does not mean anything than not that Skype refuses to involve third parties within its free call by Internet business. More information is housed here: Pete Cashmore. Anyway I would be remiss wait for late October to check whether what is rumored becomes effective or everything continues as up to now with the possibility of Nimbuzz within the software services for calls over IP.If you get to be effective this advertisement that Skype is going to block to Nimbuzz as it did formerly with Fring in other words that it would be unethical to despite the fact that with its network of services can do whatever you want but should be handled seriously and otherwise without outfitting nonsense to conclude a contract that is already signed and according to Nimbuzz has been respected. Nimbuzz is blocked by Skype and everything will be exposed at the end of October when users always need to download Nimbuzz for use with Skype and are unable to as a matter of ineptitude in handling the business tasks and lack of with regard to contracts that need to be invalidated despite be met according to the disclaimer of Nimbuzz that surely will need to submit to justice that matches if you have reasonotherwise we will have to roll back of all of the above and give reason to Skype. Nimbuzz V1.3 is now out for BlackBerry Must Haves iBlogging Apps: GrandDialer And Fring The Blog Herald Skype for iPhone hits Apple App Store The Blog Herald Nimbuzz For BlackBerry Updated To Verizon Wireless Add More Devices Into The Black Friday List And BOGA SlashPhone.