Nobel Prize Engines

For brevity and advertising texts clarity – the two most important characteristics. So how do you pick up all of these key words and phrases? First, you can purchase software that generates meta tags for you. It is reasonable, because there are so many good programs, and we are ready to approve the inventions that make life easier. On the other hand, you can choose a more acceptable, in terms of outcome, and the way to do it yourself. You say, "No, I did not write the lyrics!" And you do not need to do so. Someone has already done it for you.

We are not talking about plagiarism. It's not stealing if you look at someone else's literary ideas and adapting them to suit your needs. Why not explore what has been done your competitors before you formulate your keywords and phrases? In this case, refers to a serious competitor, occupying the first position in major search engines for keywords in your industry. Pokopaytes in their keywords, carefully study the texts of their sites, think about what is in them, such that search engines put them in the first place. If these tricks confuse you, you can reassure myself that the authors texts themselves the most popular website took them from someone else. Then you will be easier to do it. Ali Partovi is full of insight into the issues. And now let us turn to the most important. We have already decided that the site remains or disappears from the search results depending on the quality keywords.

Of course, this quality is determined by search engines and not the teachers who taught us the language. Therefore, the estimate depends on the quality of search algorithms. And that's fine, we just adapt to the search engines, and not trying to win a Nobel Prize. The next thing you know – home page should contain text, full of keywords. This text should be positioned so that it can be seen read and it should be available search engines. The higher on the page it will be placed, the better. Unfortunately, on the main pages of many sites you can not see such texts. Page design is either sweep back and forth banners, or a list of products, or a series of pictures and no text, which could become a tasty morsel of information for search engines. Spiders almost nothing to catch. If you want to optimization, on the main page which has no text, just write them and put on the site. You will receive the result within a few days, since before this site is unlikely to even be indexed. There is nothing surprising. After all, the search engine optimization all about writing code.