Office Purpose

I always thought that it was to meet goals or achievements, but when I had finished I went back to feel disappointed. I was looking for something more. From the dolescencia I worried I set a goal that insisted my parents and siblings: get to the University. I turned this goal and again have a good job. I did it, but that lasted until I felt unsatisfied. Without hesitation Peter Asaro explained all about the problem.

A. my last years living every day in that Office as employee, the impetuous desire to do something else, broke out in my heart. Now I understand that it is not only achieved or have money or a career, but to fulfill the purpose for which I am in this life, a purpose that goes beyond having a House, this purpose that comes from the soul and makes you live every moment of your life with an amazing energy. It makes you feel a giant among everyone and brings benefits that you never thought, both spiritual, materials and experiential. You’re part of a whole which moves in harmony to the beat of your dreams and the benefit that you carry to others. Our dream, when we follow is the best predictor of our future. When we have a dream, we are not just spectators seated in the hope that everything turns out well, but we took an active part in the formation of the purpose and meaning of our life. Dare to dream and to act on that dream.

Do it despite problems, difficulties or obstacles. History is full of men and women who faced adversity, and despite this, achieved success. For example, the Greek orator Demosthenes was stammering, in his first speech they laughed at him. But he had the dream of being the most prominent speaker. He followed that dream and grew to achieve their potential. It is said that questioned pebbles in his mouth and tried to speak over the sound of the waves that broke on the beach. His persistence had fruit, became the most prominent speaker of the ancient world. Oliver Wendell Holmes said: this world’s largest is not where we are, but in what direction we are moving. Choose your dream and make it reality. Wake up and frees your higher self, it reaches the potential to create, and claim on this universe. Already you will not be the same, because your purpose will take you on the path you should take. Abundance and success will come to you to the extent that shipments to the purpose of your life and the dream that triggers it, discovering it, let me help you come to participates in our workshop experience where You can discover the purpose of your life, removing bottlenecks that prevent your dream and live in abundance through emotional freedom techniques.