ONGs Peoples

The peoples brought for Brazil are originary of the regions of Africa Occidental person, Central Africa and the Southeast of Africa Occidental person. These peoples had brought obtain its customs, beliefs, dances, ritimos, musical instruments, culinria and religion. Exactly dispersed in Brazilian territory and for times mixed for not showing, part materam its culture original in intention to conserve its identity of dominated group. An example of quilombo that it existed in Brazil of which more celebrates was the Quilombo of the Palmares commanded for Buzzed of the Palmares. In Brazil the name quilombo was applied the clandestine habitations of slaves who ran away for the interior of the bushes in some wild and distant places from the populations. Not rare such habitations formed numerous agglomerations, sobressaindo in the History of famous Brazil the Quilombos. (MOURA, 1966, P.

2149) Some forms of conservation had conserved a certain identity of the African roots. It is the case of the religions and some called languages afro-Brazilians as candombl, Nag, Angola the Congo, Jeje- mines, diverse rites that if stipulated to call ' ' Naes' ' , as its ethnic origins in Africa, had adopted saints black Catholics as They are Benedict, Efigenia Saint and Ours Lady of the Rosary for representation of its belief. Dances as Jongo, Afoxes, the Row; fights as Capoeira, with its we ritimos corporal musical comedies and, its instruments as the Berimbau, Agog, Atabaque and Marimbas. Its origins are aspects of a history cultural to be preserved and known by the gift. 6 METHODOLOGY This research initiated in books, dictionaries, sources of the Internet, through research with people, ONGs, research in magazines, a visit to a place of fetichism to get plus formations on the peoples come to Brazil. It was very important for the base of the project. After that we carry through an interview with an Angolan where we can even though observe its historical vision of between Brazil and Africa and the challenges that the blacks had faced and that still they face in full Africa in sc.