That does not cheat on you, the organization serves exclusively to enjoy. Start a starting from scratch Monday morning wanted to have fun, after all for you was all free time because you didn’t have any obligation. But, however something failed. You were hungry and needed to have fun some minimal things to which needed resources. Then you ideaste a plan.

In exchange for those resources which should give you a certain freedom, five mornings of each week that would work helping you cederias someone. Your scheme was then: need > get resources > quench need however at some point lost the post-it where you had written your plan. You had a set routine and more or less worked. So you followed. You took a job apparently better. Well, in exchange for the increase that you proposed, had sticks require you a couple of hours of dedication, but it was reasonable. There the thing began to twist a bit. You don’t know how, but you came in a State of constant urgency.

You had the head fully focused on your secondary activity (those hours you cedias working) and although you prometias you that you were going to make changes you repetias yourself that you would do when you had a gap. Part of it, the afternoons were no longer thing from before. First, because even if you had the resources, there was no mood to have fun with this tiredness. And second, because so engaged in your secondary activity that produced you a tremendous mental exhaustion, you were not going to squeeze more thinking how fun! At some point the schema had changed and was now rather: need > get resources > alleviate consequences of obtaining resources before new need system had not only dump your priorities but that also you had left no time to think about an alternative. That constant urgency had also filled your day to day of temporary solutions that at some point you should return.