Password Program

A strong password – a long, nonsensical combination of numbers and symbols. A couple of – three of these passwords to remember it is possible, but I doubt that you use so little service. Try to calculate how much you have passwords. Twenty? Thirty? Or more? Remember this number of passwords is impossible to write – is unreliable. What do you do? And then come to the aid of special software passwords. The main advantages of the program passwords: All data is stored in an encrypted file data is password protected. The only password you need to remember. In addition to usernames and passwords you can store other information such as: credit cards, PIN – codes, phone numbers, etc.

Use password managers is much safer storage of passwords in the browser where they can easily steal. There are many hacker programs that do this. Say, much more convenient to write down their passwords on the sheet of paper or in separate file on your computer? But the piece is easy to get lost, and the data file, you can peek in, or wipe with another clean system. How do they work? Program automatically save passwords passwords – login and substituted them at next logon to the site. If you have multiple accounts, you only need to select the one under which you want to access. You can keep your personal information. When you register your data will be substituted automatically, and will fill in the missing fields. This saves you from having to spend time filling out long registration forms.

Built-in password generator creates complex passwords, not using only letters and numbers, but the special characters. You can adjust the length of the password, use of special characters and other settings. Many of the programs have a USB version: You can use the program without installing it on the computer. At work, home, travel – these will always be with you. The most famous program of passwords: Robosoft, KeePass, Handy Password. KeePass free program, but the installation and interface is quite complex. Roboform and Handy Password has a free 30-day period, where you can try its features. Program passwords allow you not only save time but do not worry about the security of your password.