PC Emergency – Emergency Services For All Data Cases

A new service provider for computer in distress has opened its doors in Vienna and also a fair pricing policy offers a wide range of services. The time after Christmas many brought not only joy, but is also the exponential increase in unexpected PC problems. If the old notebook to make way for the new and now professional connection waiting for this, the joy is great, the end result but often humbling. Also manuals, speak volumes, but not always in the consumer language. Of course there are not only new PCs that can cause some problems in the first, also old “cucumber” with every other hour on everyday usability to be desired. The computer, as has now become the unrecognized all-rounder, a matter of course in every household.

But what if exactly this obvious technique suddenly strike and combats all data? “Call us”, laughs Oliver Loss, one of the two founders of the Viennese company PC rescue. “We are an emergency legal service specialized for computer problems. If the patient has complaints, we are with advice and assistance to the Office, immediately.” Also Bernhard sourdough, the second forefather of the rescue team, is convinced of his task: “we save what is to save, and that is quite a lot with our possibilities. Whether it’s relief at the failure analysis, virus control, rescue important data or replacement of defective hardware components. We are ready – for the cleaning and maintenance for all cases.” The clientele of PC rescue can be found mainly in the area of private users. However, companies increasingly use the services of this “first aid” in claim. And Oliver Loss knows the secret of her success: “we offer our customers the highest level of expertise also a secure value for money. Only if we could save the patient, our labor also provided”, so the loss. The company currently advertises with a lucrative offer by the end of January: Euro 15,00 discount for all new customers. l information. Call the service hotline 07 205 11 205 is sufficient and the PC rescue you immediately to help! Note: PC rescue, Wahab Habib 7, A-1180 Wien, tel/fax: + 43 7 205 11 205, email:, Web: