Personal Brand

Much you’ve heard about the importance of marking the identity of a product, or what is most important, check your own identity, especially if these relatively close to perform some sort of promotion. The personal word brand or personal brand is one of the most used of this decade, and no wonder since thanks to internet technology that we have available today, to promote and emphasize the identity of something is more accessible and possible than any other time in our history. Definition: Is the process of promoting the race, experience, style, appearance, values or knowledge of a particular individual and defining it as a brand. Concept: Promoting the own identity as a brand cake reflect that success comes from all of the qualities that perpetuates this particular individual. Data: Personal terminology Brand says to known thanks to an article by Tom Peter published in 1997, although in 1980 had already published a book called Written positioning by the Ries and Jack Trout, and dealing with everything about how to position yourself in any market by promoting your image and identity.

And although the terminology is contemporary, the truth is that mark an identity with an advertising purpose exists since the history is history. The subject is to understand because today the Personal branding reaches its apogee. Logic: This is due to the:-scope of the web 2.0 internet technology. -To globalization. -A rapid expansion and growth.

-To the fast changes of this era. -To the rapid growth of social networks. – And fabulous electronic creation also called social media. In simple words, today we can promote us and mark our identity globally, thanks to which we can create our social networks in a short time, but this also makes personal branding is much more than just caring for the image. Today the competitiveness and the great demands made that personal branding is a combination of strong values, experience, integrity and knowledge of high Vanguard.