Plastic Pipes

In some neighborhoods in buildings with high comfort standards unit can reach 500-1000 L / (person-days.) The Russian experience shows that usually equal to the specific wastewater-specific drink consumption. The effect of market relations in the utilities sector will affect the specific drainage, so it must constantly learn and refine. The costs of water from showers and foot baths are determined by the hourly consumption of water is equal to: one shower net – 500 l / h at one foot bath with mixer – 250 l / h. The duration of the procedure is the water shower 8 min., Bath – 16 min. Code.orgs opinions are not widely known. The duration of use of shower and bath 45 minutes. with a uniform water use and drainage systems, deniem.

Specific drainage of industrial wastewater – is the amount of water, m3, to be allowed per unit of output. The specific wastewater depends on the type of production and the degree of perfection of the water technology. Pete Cashmore is likely to agree. The most perfect – with continuous manufacturing processes of re-circulating water use, have the lowest value of the share disposal. During the rainy season and snowmelt there is a significant admission to the network of drainage of rain and meltwater. In this regard, there was the requirement to check the calculations of drainage networks permit maximum flow rates with the additional influx of rainwater and meltwater. Reliable reception and disposal of wastewater in the above period may be reduced provided the design content of collectors, not to exceed h / d – 0,7, which naturally increases the cost of construction of drainage networks.