To the First Prize it will correspond: Million five hundred thousand a book guaranes, collection and a diploma of recognition. To the Second Prize it will correspond: Five hundred thousand guaranes, a book collection and a recognition diploma. And, to the Third Prize it will correspond: A book collection and a diploma of recognition. To these prizes other will be able to be added that will be communicated opportunely. 8. The three members of the Jury will be designated, one in representation of the Paraguayan Center of Theater (CEPATE), one by the Foundation Rudi Torga and one by the ATHENIAN. 9. The delivery of prizes will be realised in the birthday of the Teacher Rudi Torga, the 19 of February of 2011, in the Hall Rudi Torga de Guaran Rga, Soothes Central of the ATHENIAN OF LANGUAGE AND CULTURE GUARAN.

10. The verdict of the Jury will be unquestionable. The copies of works, awarded or no, will not be given back to the participants. 11. The envelopes containing the works that will participate in this Contest will be given to the members of the Jury the 2 of January of 2011.

The plays that will not adjust to these Bases and Condiciones will be admitted and they will not participate in the same. 12. The presentation, frees and volunteer, supposes the acceptance of the participants of each and every one of the points that conform these Bases and Condiciones that govern the Contest of Theater in Guaran, Masterful Prize Rudi Torga in his Third Edition. 13. They will be Coordinating of this Contest of Theater in Guaran, the Dra. Teresa Beatriz Cardozo Chaves by Kambuchi Apopy Cultural Association, and Omar Cibils by the LANGUAGE ATHENIAN AND CULTURE GUARAN. 19 of February of 2010 (birthday of Rudi Torga) original RUDI TORGA Leer (to click) in: to manduar BIOGRAPHY Poet, man of theater and worker of the culture.