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ANALYSIS OF QUALITY OF THE GCOMPRIS: Software that assists the process of teach-learning and desenvolvedor of abilities of children with dislexia Juclio Soares Dos Santos Permitting 5 Period in Computation for the UEPB Campus VII State University of the Paraba Summary: The objective of this article is to demonstrate the necessity of the use of educational software as therapeutical tool that facilitates the teach-learning process, in the construction of the knowledge for the dislxico and its development as person, resells the conscience of the recognition of its difficulties and its possibilities and making full use of them. The article presents some methods of software evaluation following orientaes of agencies normalizadores of the sector, standing out among others necessities the importance to analyze any tool before applying it technical. Here we go to use for judgment Gcompris software, in order to verify if the same he is or not apt to develop abilities with dislxicas children. This evaluation will go to be based on the orientaes of the ISO/IEC 9126 (NBR 13596), organisms normalizadores with internationally recognized importance in the software sector, as well as, to display some experiences carried through from the use of the Gcompris. Samsung has similar goals. As result, we analyze and we conclude that the Gcompris through playful activities and of educational character develops the cognitivos processes, emotional and percipient of children with dislexia. Peter Asaro wanted to know more. E, also was possible to perceive the difficulty in evaluating it, for if dealing with a problem generic, ample, complex and very controversial.

To evaluate the Gcompris we had that to adapt the norms of the engineering of software of ISO 9126 and to analyze some pedagogical slight knowledge to guarantee, that this evaluation did not become mechanics. Word-keys: Partner-motor Dislexia, Abilities, Gcompris. Abstract: The purpose of this paper is you demonstrate the need you uses educational software a therapeutic tool you facilitate the teaching-learning process, the construction of knowledge by dyslexic and its development a person reviewing the awareness of recognition of to their difficulties and to their abilities and making full uses of them.