Professional Management Consultant

3. Undertake a comprehensive audit of the business (financial, accounting, legal, marketing and PR). Before starting the further promotion of business or to develop its new directions, it is necessary to make a diagnosis "of his case." , business processes, assess the cohesiveness of the team, identify and correct any errors – and only then move on. Order an audit of each activity entails the payment of each specialist that the costly and inefficient. However, referring to the service advisor consultant, you will not only reduce their own costs, but also to get the result of a comprehensive diagnostic of your business. 4. See new opportunities and challenges business development. Apart from the main development strategy worked out to create a company as competent to move forward, the business environment in which business develops and may open new possibilities and ways of development. When immersion in the daily routine, for this is quite difficult to keep track so that you can not see his "lucky break". Professional adviser who has keen eyes and sharp instincts, will not miss a good chance dictated by time! 5. Improving interaction with subordinates. Consultant – a "conduit" between management and subordinates. The conventional wisdom is that it is better to do without such a mediator – but not always the employee is ready to express your opinion directly to the head, so that over time builds up resentment and bitterness, which later translate into a major scandal. The consultant will not only help to avoid such explosions but will also encourage team building, helping to build the right behaviors in the organization. 6. Raise their own development. Along with the Adviser for management, the consultant also performs the role of a coach, contributing in this way, development and growth of business owners. 7. Save money. Thanks to the competence and professional erudition in many fields, the work done consultant-advisor, is a result of a few experts – in this business owner pays for the work of only one person. 8. Get a reliable partner for your business. Adviser on management in the mutual interest and agreement reached, can be a reliable partner in developing your business. Professional Management Consultant – first and foremost, an experienced manager who has practical business skills derived from their own experience of business activity. 9. Win and save time. Turning to the service adviser, management consultant, you will not spend time on the introduction of new department or the adaptation of personnel in the organization – skip to solve specific problems. In addition, you have the freedom to choose the time of services – cooperation with the consultant as possible during the short-and the long term. Conclusion: For small business the hardest to survive in a crisis because we do not have the "greenhouse conditions" that are created abroad. To survive in fragile economic circumstances, Russia entrepreneur has to rely only on their own vision and a precise calculation – so that a balanced and strategically successful solutions are today one of the key success factors. Experienced assistant consultant in this case is required – thus, the presence near the head of the business adviser to management is becoming increasingly important, and, hopefully, will soon cease to shock and surprise public.