Provedal Structures

Over the last decade aluminum structures gradually took on a leading role in the construction industry. Initially, aluminum was used in the manufacture of windows, doors and walls of the deaf – and the ease strength and excellent consumer properties quickly gained popularity. Today, aluminum structure is actively used in the construction trade pavilions, small commercial buildings, as well as in creating billboards, and stained glass. What is the secret of this rapid market penetration? .. Try to understand. Aluminum structures have a number of unique benefits, which together with low cost and ease of manufacture make them indispensable in solving many problems. Aluminium as a chemical element is light, and this advantage plays a significant role in the choice of aluminum structures as basis for the manufacture of windows and doors.

Finished products are much easier, even when compared with plastic bags – what can we say about the wooden frames! .. In addition, aluminum can produce any product form, if desired, leaving from the banal rectangular shapes. As for the consumer qualities, here are allyuminivye design on top. Despite its lightness and flexibility, aluminum is very strong metal to withstand any climate and temperature conditions. The glazing of balconies and loggias, the most popular systems using aluminum profile Provedal. Aluminum construction of this brand already long established themselves as products of exceptional quality and reliability. Aluminium profile Provedal able to withstand heavy loads, temperature changes from -50 to +50 degrees, has excellent sound insulation and corrosion resistant, completely environmentally friendly.

The service life of aluminum profiles more than eighty years. Production of aluminum profiles is more economical, not to mention the environmental component: the use of aluminum instead of wood allows you to save forest wealth of our planet. In addition, the production of aluminum profiles virtually non-waste: old design comes to processing and use again. All these advantages suggest that it is the aluminum structures are the building blocks selection of the XXI century.