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Treat your pet quality and joie de Vivre in Rodermark Waldacker (near Frankfurt on the main) opened a BAKERY for animals in April 2009. The company stands for the manufacture and sale from home-made treats and be reward bites for animals. Specialized was on the baking of cookies of all shapes, as well as to offer little comparable on the market rabbits and small animals, as it is in this segment are drying of fruit and vegetable as treats for dogs, horses, cats, and the demand is quite large. All products are known with the name “HAPPIS”. The motto “Treat yourself to quality and vitality your animal”. HAPPIS bakery for animals offers dog, horse, cat, Hare, and small animals hand-baked biscuits, crisp bread, bone, training treats, getrockenetes fruit and vegetables, fish / meat – and cheese. The ingredients are matched with vets and therefore animal fair. Dried fruit contains among other things, vitamin A, B and C with high Mineral solids content.

Calcium and phosphorus ensure a good supply of minerals of the dog. Dried fruit also contains a high proportion of fiber. These conditions make dried fruit to an ideal snack for between by. Commonly used dried fruits such as dates, plums, apricots or apples. Caution! Never too much use, otherwise, a diarrhea is pre-programmed.

Special orders are baked like for people with allergies, gift requests, etc.. So anyone who would like to make a special gift his animals is bakery for animals at HAPPIS. There is also the possibility of an individual label, such as the name of your favorite. All products are in the online shop or available at authorized dealers. Baked and dried delivered every Sunday and Monday, on Friday and Saturday. The selected packaging in the form of jute bags is practical and very original.