Railway Strategy

Deutsche Bahn and its expansion plans a large order is of course as of now in Qatar, signed a great thing: for the Deutsche Bahn, for Mr pit, but also for Germany itself. As a high-tech country, such orders for Germany are vital, because too little internal market exists, and this weakens this currently in many areas. However, Deutsche Bahn unit in danger, their building sites ‘ to be neglected in Germany. There are problems with the axis of the car, problems with the observance of schedules, and much more. Among other things with the fare. Of course has a quasi’-monopoly like the Deutsche Bahn the possibility the prize hands-free ‘ to determine even and especially in a market economy. But she does neither itself nor the environment which we all, especially our Government, so much emphasis put on any favors.

Why? Nice regularity rising prices not automatically also the yield increases as the car says to cover rising wage costs, etc. Although she already garnering billions profits. On the contrary, the user actually on the train tried to lower his costs, such as for example by carpooling with the car. That in turn is harmful for the environment, whose maintenance costs charged increases the streets, etc. ERGO: increases the cost of the railway these works by rising fares and thus damages the environment. Eco-apart from the observance of schedules would be a reduction of fares such as 3 or 4%.

So the train would likely get more some passengers. The effect would be, likely after and as the following sample invoice shows for all positive: the passengers and the environment, but also the income of the railway. For example: At a fare of 50 and 1000 passengers give 50,000 revenue. A higher yield results but at a Fahrpreisermassigung of 5% and a number of passengers rising by 6% for the railway. This invoice can be but still significantly positive changes of the factors and is only conceivable example. Total, million passengers are affected but also many kilometers of roads, etc. The economies of scale’ are likely to be not unknown of the Deutsche Bahn AG and as soon as the cross-border traffic is increasing in Europe, these issues are anyway, why not even now looking ahead is to so train and strengthens customer loyalty? If others are cheaper, the customers jump off otherwise and additional problems are foreseeable. Good customer loyalty they remain but largely by the DB. Not every other problem is quickly solved, but an improvement in the reputation does no harm just then. The idea that we finance the expansion in the desert to help, the financial situation is much better than here, is really no pleasure. Michael Richter – international marketing and sales consultant, Seekirch – deals with strategic marketing for more than 35 years. By organisational issues, internal and external, to the planning and marketing of various capital goods and durable goods on all 5 continents. The resulting knowledge and experience he global offers its customers for marketing and distribution, in particular SMEs. In addition, he offers practical support, coaching or business seminars. Michael Richter – international marketing and sales consultant Hauptstrasse 27, 88422 Seekirch/Germany marketing = = country experiences – T:. 07582-933371