Really Simple Syndication

Blog (or online journal) – is a certain kind of Web site, the main symptom of which is the constant updating of records. Content can include text, images, multimedia. Many people visiting the blog every day, even unaware of it because blogs are everywhere. If before blogs were considered unofficial lists of links or personal diaries, now in the web you can find many blogs: educational, government, advertising, etc. What else is different blogs from other sites? First of all, content. Maintaining a blog requires constant updating of content.

Blogs can be updated several times a day as opposed to traditional sites. Steve Wozniak has similar goals. It is frequently updatable can increase the number of visitors, returning for the required information again and again. In weblogs posts (posts-paper) is usually listed in reverse chronological order, ie, the latest – at the top. Style of the blog as a rule, differs from the style of other sites. They are much stronger sense of community, an ongoing dialogue, discussion. In contrast, information or news sites, bloggers refer directly to the reader, anyone can comment on the article and join the discussion. Along with this there is also a communication between the blog when the post from one blog discussed elsewhere. An important distinction between this kind of sites is the syndication, which means you can view the blogs, not only with browsers, but also in the form of a "ribbon" or "channel".

Channel allows the presence of the necessary software software to read posts from the blog in the form in which they were published, even without visiting the site. As an example, it is appropriate to give rss (c Eng. Really Simple Syndication – Really Simple Syndication). Generally, blogs Copyright composition are personal, corporate and public. On the content of blogs can be divided into thematic and general. Before you create a blog, you need to think about his vision, goals and ways of their implementation. Will you write articles yourself, or This will be engaged hired copywriters, what theme will focus on the blog if you want to earn it, or just create it "for the soul" – all this is of paramount importance. Correct choice affects whether you will become a professional blogger, combining work and pleasure.