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In addition, this approach allows do not worry about synchronizing documents and artifacts RUP, are working papers of the project. To solve this problem we compared the artifacts RUP and documentation developed by the requirements of GOST 19 and 34. When comparing the artifacts into account the stage of LC FP to which they are developed. Comparison of RUP phases and GOST 34 is shown in Table 1. Table 1 – Comparative analysis of RUP phases and stages of GOST GOST 34.601-90 RUPStadii Survey (Inception) Formation of requirements Conception Terms of Reference Technical project (Elaboration) Conceptual design Detailed design Detailed design (Construction) Detailed documentation of transfer operation (Transition) Input Support in action against established compliance stages, each stage were isolated groups of artifacts RUP, on the basis of which can be automatically generated documents GOST19 and 34. It should be noted that the term "artifact" includes not only documents but also other design materials created in the course of the project.

For example, models, code, test scripts, etc. Then, after the selection of groups of artifacts and the corresponding documents Standard, a comparative analysis of their structure. The fact that you can not expect an exact match of a document RUP artifact Standard, which means that to create one Standard paper is usually required information in a number of different artifacts RUP. To establish a clear to-one correspondence between the artifacts and documents GOST RUP needs to "go down" on the level individual sections of documents and artifacts of components.