Customer education and support have also improved, as can now demonstrate the use of the key points i product through online video provide customer content in a format that can easily demonstrate everything you need to show to their customers. 2. HIGH FREQUENCY content updates updates high frequency content, even on a daily or hourly basis, now finally possible with RSS. No more need to hold on important messages, news and other content for a week or month to include in your e-zine – with RSS you can update your content as often as they want or need, and your subscribers do not care . 3.

Appcasting APPCASTING goes a step further, giving you the ability to deliver software updates and critical patches for their existing customers, without having to visit your website every week to see if the update is now available as necessary or not. 4. PRODUCT NEWS, RELEASES AND UPDATES Product news, releases and updates are now finally possible in an easy to consume manner. Using RSS, you can provide your clients or prospects with simple tools upropios feeds create their products, through which shall be immediately notified when new products that precisely match their interests are available. As soon as your product portfolio changes, so does the content of the RSS feeds that your customers are subscribed. Just think of the following options … – The search tool is one of the most commonly used in large stores on the Internet, giving visitors an easy way to find the products they are interested.