Rio De Janeiro Carnival

We live in a world whose rules are clear, only we we run away they. It will be that in deep a nature it is the devil of the other? The not-believer state is the natural state of the Man. The belief is not born with people, is infused in them by third. The religion has if busy of the task to move away to the Man from its natural state land so that in it prevails its divine nature. It is of if waiting that after almost two millenia of repression the terrena nature it searched in not-religious an aid its existence. The curious one in this history is to see or, at least, to have the impression of that one of the natures can be used to advantage in some way of the other.

Today, a strange child when an aged one says that in the time of it did not have television. The technology is gone incorporating the life in such way that in we do not give account to them of its effect in our thought. This is so strong that the religion if saw constrangida to participate of the choir in defense of the planet. Something impensvel has fifty years. Before it seemed that God wanted that we destroyed the world. He will be that God moved of opinion? According to old gnsticos, the creator of the Man is not the same creative of the universe; if he is that some exists.

Without entering in the merit of the related conception, it he seems to make some direction. Certain time, I heard a citizen to say that the Man is the cancer of the universe. I am unaware of the reason of this so strong affirmation that it was echoing in my mind. However, with passing of the time and the questions that if had been presented in function of the subject, I see that this affirmation persists with its aspect steals color, if justifying and acol here. ' ' Ateu' ' it is a term that privileges the arguable religious conceptions and was invented to separate and some does not stop joining thing. Ideologically it separates the certainties of the wrong ones. As much that individual that is not worried, how much what occupies in denying the arguments on the existence of God, are considered indistinctly atheistic. Some full ones of pose if say penalizados of the atheists. It will be that the not-belief compromises the power of God or the power of who? As the advance of the technology in the medias it is changing the way to think about the world, is good for recognizing it in frigir of eggs. For more flat than either atesmo in the Internet and for more distinguished than they are these manifestations, must be faced as forms of expression in a irreversible process that is in course. Here in Rio De Janeiro Carnival already is running over the Christmas in the television. pa This is remembering some thing to me: It looks at the Greeks, geeente there!