Rockwell Collins

On June 6, the new Airbus A321-211 then starts its first passenger flight, DE4944 from Berlin-Schonefeld (SXF) to Rhodes (RHO). Latest engine technology and improved aerodynamics make for reduced fuel consumption and thus less emissions and improved sound insulation. If you are not convinced, visit Peter Asaro . When fully loaded, the new Airbus A321 meets so the strict noise protection requirements of ICAO Chapter 4, the currently highest noise protection class. Sharklet of the latest generation be retrofitted after its certification for the Airbus A321 fleet in the fall of 2013. Compared to the aircraft in its existing Airbus fleet, this means a fuel saving of more than six percent for the Thomas Cook Group airlines. The specifications for the Airbus A321 were by a project team, employees of all airlines of the Thomas Cook Group were represented each airline according to defined requirements.

Here was above all the comfort and well-being of our guests in the foreground: a bright and friendly design was developed together with the Design Studio DesignQ, airlines now serves as a model for all cabin and seat designs of Thomas Cook Group. The leather upholstery, which was 215 seats specifically for the Airbus A321 of the Thomas Cook Group Airlines E-leather, a lighter blend of synthetic and real leather, made and promises in addition to a high durability in addition a feel good feeling for the passenger. To fly this especially environmentally friendly and fuel efficient, have less weight seats developed by the company Recaro and offer high seating comfort due to the targeted installation of additional foam pads. The new seat covers are also more robust and easier to clean. Specially for Condor, a control unit for the inflight entertainment system was integrated seating in the new Recaro.

The newly developed, digital inflight entertainment system from the company Rockwell Collins offers entertained passengers about 10-inch screens in the ceiling. A further Special specification is the auxiliary fuel tank, increasing the range. A second additional tank can be retrofitted if necessary.