These are some tips storage you should take before storing your belongings in a portable minibodega of income. Get a list of all the tools to pack you need, e.g. boxes, tape, bubble plastic, markers, moisture, rope and palettes. Visit the premises of the company of rent of miniwarehouses and bring you a list of what you intend to store. Show staff that you meets and determines the correct size that you will need, as well as whether all items are allowed. Program yourself for 30 to 45 days before everything. Make sure you read the contract before you sign it and Czech company moving policies, as well as the form of payment of the rent and issues as if they offer insurance against theft or loss of your belongings.

If you’re using a removal company, finds out the size of trucks that are to be used. Most moving companies charge more the more must be charged. Used pallets, plywood and anything else you keep your items on the floor of the minibodega. It uses separate shelves to organize your merchandise. Make a list of them and label the boxes on all six sides. Filled boxes without making them too heavy, so that you can lift them. Place heavier boxes below each stack and the lighter at the top, that will prevent that they are crushed.

Leaves in front of the minibodega items that you use frequently so you don’t have to search for them later. It protects your items with pillows, sheets and blankets. Check your unit once a month. Disassembles elements like tables, frames, bedding, etc., this will save you space. Wrap and label the parts. To disassemble the electronic appliances such as computers, equipment of music, etc., label the parts according to the place occupied in the appliance. Then store them in a bag and tag them. If possible use the original boxes of equipment to save them. Make sure that all kitchen appliances are clean and dry before storing them. Appliances doors left ajar to prevent mildew. Stacking chairs of seat seat. Used inside apparatus and drawers for storing small objects. To prevent rusting rub a small amount of machine oil on metal, bikes and team tools. Empty and clean all debris from the computers before they are stored. Use bubble or white paper for wrapping fragile objects. Groups similar elements among themselves and check off the boxes. Apparels and curtains should be stored in boxes closet or hangers to retain its original shape. Purchase insurance. If it’s worth storing your belongings, it’s worth make them. It takes into account that Rubbermaid containers are great and you can easily put your items in them. Keep the items of value in the rear of the minibodega. This will prevent them easily visible to the eyes of thieves. Keep your clothes accessible if it is that you going to have within the minibodega for a long time. Watch the surroundings of your minibodega if you see something suspicious. What you should not do not use plastic to cover your belongings. They retain moisture. Do not store no food. This will prevent unwanted guests (worms, flies, cockroaches, ants, etc.). Do not place too heavy boxes. Especially if contain books. Do not use regular printed to wrap your items. The ink may stain them. Don’t forget to clean the appliances before storing them. Do not store toxins or flammable substances, such as paint, oil or gasoline.