Security Camera

When you go to buy a security camera, it is important to have an understanding basic different styles of cameras, as well as the different modes. Currently, there are three main body styles: bullet, the dome and the box. Like its namesake, a bullet camera is sleek and slender, and usually is placed on the high curves of a room. The rounded style dome camera are connected directly to the ceiling, as well as see them in many stores or supermarkets. A box camera is the style of more traditional security cameras and is less expensive than other styles. Any security camera, regardless of style, belongs to one of two categories: analog or analog IP is the traditional mode of security cameras, these types of cameras are connected to a coaxial cable and standard audio for transmission of video signals. Analogue cameras have limited the quality of the image and are obliged to one of the two types of frames and resolutions: PAL or NTSC. A security camera IP, on the contrary, it is connected to a data network and has an address of IP associated with it. This type of security cameras can be deployed anywhere on a data network. Security IP cameras can also run to and information on the same cable, as well as provide a picture more clear with the quality in the infinite resolution. Original author and source of the article.