Segundo Santos

Disposal in exclusive sanitriosAterros aterros; Co-disposal with urban garbage. Reuso light industrialProduo of aggregates for civil construction; Fabricao of bricks and ceramics. IncineraoDesidratao of the silt; Combustvel for the incinerator. Restoration of terrasControle of soil erosions. Conversion of the silt in oil combustvelAs alternative desirable are the recycling and the return of the silt making possible asua use in agriculture, as fertilizing and recompositor of the superficial ground layer.

This depends on the type of used culture, but generally an additional stage in the treatment of the silt is necessary; the hygienic cleaning, has as main function the removal of the pathogenic organisms. The costs of disposal of the silt grow with the number of phases of the process. Comparing the use of the humid silt in agriculture, the dehydration with I fill with earth bathroom and dehydration-incineration-disposal of leached ashes, the relation between the costs will be of approximately 1:2: 4. For this reason it is convenient, for the most part of the cases, to choose the agricultural use I fill with earth or it of the dehydrated silt (IMHOFF, 1986). 5 FINAL DISPOSAL OF SILT IN final ATERROS SANITRIOSA disposal of the generated biosslidos ones in the processes of treatment of urban sewers is an emergent problem in Brazil, and that it tends if to aggravate quickly to the measure that if they implant and effectively the systems of collection and treatment of sewer in the country are operated.

The disposal in sanitary aterros could be effected in exclusive aterros or co-disposal with urban solid residues. The option for the disposal in sanitary aterros requires sophisticated technology and can present high cost for treated ton (WEBBER & SHAMESS, 1984; OAK & BARRAL, 1981; SAABYE et al., 1994). 5,1 Transport and storage of silt of esgotoSegundo Santos and John (2007) the biosslidos process of transport of of the ETE until the storage place it can confuse the transit, to be ackward and to emit ackward odors for the community.